Friday, 12 February 2016

Is Vredefort crater a real crater?

The book speaks about Vredefort crater as one of the biggest impact sites in the world. That remains a reality and in fact, that is how it is presented in the book as well. It was named after the Vredefort town which is located at its center. The physical location of the crater is in South Africa.

Vredefort Dome at the center of the crater is added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For a long time, the crater formation was attributed to an extreme volcanic eruption in the past which was later negated by the impact geological structures seen around the site.

The size of the crater indicates that the impact would have released a huge amount of energy to carve out such a structure. The asteroid itself could have 5-10 km in diameter. Not only this but also the fact that the impact would have happened, at least, 2.02 billion years ago. That makes it the second oldest impact sites in the world.

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Facts: Vredefort crater is a real life impact site in South Africa.

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