Sunday, 20 December 2015

Is GAM Technology for Real?

One of the technologies that have been spoken about in the book Spirit Raiders is GAM. GAM stands for Global Air Map and it was developed to detect Stealth Fighters. Stealth fighters by nature of construction remain undetectable to RADAR; RADAR being the current technology for detecting aircrafts. GAM was an improvement over RADAR. How? Let’s see.

GAM technology attempts to bring together the aspect of RADAR being deflected or absorbed by Stealth aircrafts and to use a satellite to visually pin point the location of deflection or absorption. This use of RADAR and visual pin point by a satellite enables a Stealth Aircraft to be made visible. Stealth fighters, therefore, remained stealth no more. More of this can be read in the book.

There are talks that the world has already figured out ways to detect stealth fighters, however, the general population does not know about it. This technology even if it exists we can be rest assured that details will not be out for a decade at least.

So, that’s about GAM, a technology which was made up for the book.

Truth-o-meter:  *Zero

Facts: GAM is a made up concept. However, a technology being in place to detect stealth fighter cannot be ruled out. Chances are that such technology would remain classified and not known to the general population.

Concept seen in: Spirit Raiders, a science fiction novel

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Truth-o-meter stands for the truth in the concept, ideas or scenarios in the book. So, *zero stands for a made up fictional concept while one stands for actual reality.

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